Visit Aberdeen

Scotistani takes you to Aberdeen, the third largest Scottish city after Edinburgh and Glasgow. It’s about 3 hours’ drive from Glasgow.

There is a lot to explore in Aberdeen we just give you a wee glimpse of the city in this video. By the way did you know there are more than 30 places called Aberdeen in the world? There are Aberdeens in USA, Australia, New Zealand and even Hong Kong.

However we can say with certainty no Aberdeen has the beauty, history and unique charm of the original in Scotland. It’s the city where Aberdeen’s first University was founded in 1495 , a visit to Aberdeen Harbour and beach is a must to understand why it’s called a city of the sea, a city where ships dock right up against the city-centre streets.

And then there’s Footdee – known locally as Fittie – a quirky fishing village with squares of tiny cottages, flower-filled gardens and brightly painted outhouses, their eccentric decorations drawing on the city’s seafaring soul.

To explore Footdee feels like stepping back in time, and whilst it isn’t a very big place, it definitely will capture your heart.