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We believe that travel is so much more than simply seeing the sights. Come, celebrate with us the culture, the heritage and the art of Scotland and Pakistan-the Scotistani style.

Tying together the strands of cultures

Our Vision

Life in one of the world’s most beautiful countries is something to shout about. If not from the rooftops, then from a screen. At Scotistani, we aim to do exactly that. As Scotland’s first YouTube channel managed by Scottish-Pakistanis, we celebrate the Scotistani  identity in all its diversity by connecting communities and promoting diverse voices through exchange of ideas.

We work to strengthen cultural ties between Scotland and Pakistan by bringing inspiring stories from the South Asian Diaspora that live with a strong and proud sense of Scottish identity and exploring avenues and potential for tourism. 

The best of both worlds

Our very own Scotland is officially the most beautiful country in the world and our beloved Pakistan is home to a diversity of stunning landscapes. Both countries have dramatic scenery, hospitable people, fascinating folklore, magical stories and legends and clans with ancient origins.

The wild cliffs, jagged mountains and windswept moors of Scotland and majestic Himalayas, crystalline waters of lakes and valley glaciers of Pakistan provide a natural beauty that begs to be explored.